John S. - Window Cleaning Business Owner


Our window cleaning business has become very busy and I found doing my book-keeping burdensome. It was great to pass this over to Marc. Marc has provided me with informative Profit and Loss reports which had made me consider changing my business model and streamline my invoicing procedures. We are now in the process of incorporating as a Limited Company and Marc’s advice is invaluable to insure the process goes smoothly. Marc is extremely efficient and goes out of his way to help. He takes all the pressure off this side of running a business so I can concentrate on the daily running of the company. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Goda M. - Freelance Photographer


I am a photographer and I realised that, when starting this business, I needed to register as self-employed. This is why I was very happy to have Marc helping me register and he was very helpful, guiding me through the process, answering my questions clearly. He made it very simple, stress-free as well. He was very professional, looking after everything while I was able to focus on my business, my clients and my planning. Even when travelling, as I will be out of the country for a while, he will be able to look after those matters remotely, sort out all the issues that might arise while I am not around. It is very good to know that I can trust him. I would like to recommend him because I am very happy and satisfied with what he has done so far.

Agnetta S. - www.thelondonvirtualoffice.com

Maite L. - Translator at www.translator-idiom.com


Marc has been a precious help in my project to move to London. As a freelancer, tax issues can be overwhelming, given that France and the UK have very different systems. I had been following several newsletters on the subject, but only his customised, professional counselling service could guide my business towards a successful new start in England.

Olga V. - Landlord


Recently, Marc has helped me to file in my Tax Return. I am not a very organised person. So I left it until the very last minute. And generally I find the Tax system overwhelming to have to deal with. It was great dealing with someone like Marc who is very understanding, reassuring, who has guided me through which documents I needed to have prepared and who I felt would take care of everything. I felt very relieved once everything was completed. And I knew it was taken care of by a professional. So I would definitely happily recommend Marc's services and I will continue to use them.

Mireta L. - ELR Interpreting


It has been a pleasure dealing with Marc at AskMarcBookkeeping. A very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person who is quick to respond to any queries. Always happy to go over things in more detail should I ask. Stress-free interactions and keen to go above and beyond to help clients! Personal approach and Excellent online portal making my life easier.



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