3 ways a bookkeeper can save you money


By handling their financials themselves many small business owners think they’re saving money. While it is a skill to learn bookkeeping basics, cash flow management and tax obligations, there are several benefits to hiring an accountant to oversee your finances. By leaving your books to a pro you will have more time to better serve your clients and implement plans for growth. Here are a few ways an accounting professional can help you save money to put back in your business.

Finding money

A hired bookkeeper will allow for better record keeping which is the easiest way to allow you to quickly see – on a monthly, weekly or daily basis – where your money is going. Keeping your accounts up to date will also help you understand which of your business investments yield the greatest returns allowing you to be more strategic about spending. Greater profits can also be earned, as bookkeepers are equipped to spot positive trends and possible savings within your books. Common, albeit costly, errors will also be minimised.

Avoid tax penalties

Your bookkeeper may be your trusted advisor when it comes to staying up to date with the latest regulations for small business taxes. They can also provide you with advice on how to maximise your benefits and minimise your taxes each year. Don’t underestimate the cost savings of hiring someone to complete your tax forms correctly and submit them on time. Penalties apply for small businesses who neglect to file their taxes on time and they can add up quickly; businesses who wait to file will incur higher interest and possible penalty charges. A business that is already struggling may not be able to pay a tax fine and find themselves closing their doors. Having a bookkeeper during the possibility of an audit, allows businesses to rest easy, knowing they won’t incur penalties for any errors or missing information.

Business advisory services

Bookkeepers possess business knowledge that can help you make more informed decisions. Therefore owners should consult their bookkeeper when drafting or revising their business plan. They will help you move your business in the right direction by improving profitability and avoiding strategies that may hinder you long term. Look to your bookkeeper to help you determine your most valuable clients, how much money you should invest in a growth plan and which marketing strategies yield the best ROI. Having someone you can rely on to help set targets and monitor your progress is an invaluable asset that can help you not only save money, but earn higher profits in the near future.

The bottom line? Bookkeepers can do so much than just simple bookkeeping or ensuring you’re on the right side of the tax authorities. By hiring a small business bookkeeper, businesses can further increase their chances for growth and success in the future.


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