Funding - The perfect pitch

The Perfect Pitch to obtain funding from investors

When pitching for funding, potential investors need to hear the information they are after so that they can make a decision.

How should you structure your pitch?

Here are the main bullet points (revealed by investors at a NatWest Bank event):

Clearly define your market problem, why it is a problem and for whom

Clearly define your solution – how you solve the problem

Explain your market, your market size and market potential

Explain your business model and revenue model (what you are charging/profit margins)

Explain how you plan to enter the market

Reveal the users, clients and partners you already have (who is on board)

Explain who are your competitors and why you are different

Prepare a 3 years revenue projection and the investment you need

Prepare a 18 month timeline (what you plan to achieve) and important milestones

Describe your team and advisors

Don’t forget to give your contact details

Remember: investors are more interested in the structure of your pitch than the way you deliver it. If you prepare your pitch in the way described in this article, you will be listened to.


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